Clinics & Services

In addition to GP consultations the practice adheres to the General Medical Services Contract for the provision of healthcare services: vaccination11

Child Vaccinations - The practice’s child vaccination clinics are currently held on Wednesday mornings for under 2 years and Friday afternoons for under 5 years. For more information please click on the “vaccination schedule” page on the right of the screen.

Adult Vaccinations - Including tetanus and polio boosters, influenza and pneumococcal.

Child Health Screening - This service is provided the Northern Trust employed Health Visitors and you should contact them directly to access this service.

Cervical Smears - This service is jointly provided between the regional Cervical Screening Programme (CSP) and the Practice.  All female patients between the age of 25 and 65 will be routinely called for screening in line with current guidelines.

Minor Surgery - Weekly minor surgery clinics are provided by Dr McConkey, including joint injections, the removal of cysts, minor skin lesions, lumps, etc. An initial consultation is required with a GP before an appointment can be booked. Due to high demand we operate a waiting list for these clinics to ensure fair and equitable access.

Cryotherapy Clinic - A weekly cryotherapy service is provided by Dr Baird on Monday afternoons for the treatment of warts, verruccas, etc. An initial consultation is normally required before the procedure is booked.

Child_bellyAntenatal Clinic - Weekly clinics are held with the Midwife  on Thursdays between 09:00 - 12:00.

The Health Board has recently changed the booking procedures for new ante natal appointments.  Patients are now required to Self Refer to the Midwifery services in a hospital of their choice.  There are 3 hospital choices available: Please click on your preferred hospital to access Self Referral Form.

Northern Trust - Antrim Hospital

Antrim/Causeway Self Referral Form

Belfast Trust - Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital or Mater Hospital

RJMH/Mater Self Referral Form

South Eastern Trust

Lagan Valley Self Referral Form

Sexual Health Services - The practice provides a wide range of sexual health services such as contraception (including emergency contraception, long acting implants and the fitting of coils) and screening for sexually transmitted diseases. This is a specialist service and is only provided by a small number of the GPs.

Asthma/COPD - The Practice offers annual Asthma and COPD Review clinics and you will be invited to make an appointment at one of these clinics each year.

glucometer1Diabetes - The Practice offers annual Diabetic Review clinics and you will be invited to make an appointment at one of these clinics each year. We also have access to a Diabetic Nurse Specialist and the Retinal Screening Programme.

Epilepsy - Patients diagnosed with this condition will be invited for an annual review with Dr Buckley.


Other Clinics

From time to time the practice will focus on the treatment of certain disease areas, such as Hypothyroidism, Stroke, Cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease, Dementia and Mental Health. If you are called to a clinic it is because you have been identified as needing a review. These clinics have been set up to meet quality standards in disease management and it is important that you acknowledge any contact regarding attendance.

The practice also seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle. Help and advice are available within the practice on issues such as weight management and giving up smoking. Where appropriate we are also able to make use of services offered by outside agencies. Please contact reception if you would like an appointment with one of the practice nurses to discuss the services available.